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Foreign Medical School Students

The Ed-Invest Foreign Medical School Student Loan Program is designed specifically for select, high quality, non U.S. based medical schools and the students who attend them. The founders and staff of Ed-Invest have developed extraordinary relationships with the foreign medical schools and their students since 1992. By focusing exclusively on markets we understand, by being able to design, develop, and implement the very best set of products and services, and by delivering on our promises, we were able to create the fastest growing, most innovative company in the student loan industry. Ed-Invest’s staff has over 30 years of combined experience in direct support of foreign medical schools and has provided the highest level of products and services specifically for foreign medical schools and students.

No other student loan lender understands or appreciates the issues facing foreign medical schools and students like Ed-Invest. We have directly worked with the U.S. Department of Education, various members of the Senate and Congress, federal and private loan guarantee agencies, and other parties to increase awareness and to expand the educational funding capabilities for students.

Ed-Invest will continue to deliver innovative products and services that have been designed in partnership with our foreign medical school and student clients in order to meet their specific needs and to deliver a level of service excellence that separates us from every other provider of education credit.

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